Rebel/vealed in the landscape (IV)

The fourth edition of Rebel/vealed in the landscape, cycle of artistic interventions in the green areas of the Gaiás, maintains its commitment of taking art beyond the walls of a museum, highlighting the value of the natural spaces of the City of Culture. Since its beginnings, the cycle searches for a way of giving visibility to the presence of women in all the realms of contemporary art. A yearning that materialises in the selection of curators and artists that are part of the project every year, and who reflect the diversity within the creative field.


— Facendo zapping (Zapping) | Artist: Diego Vidal | Curator: Mercedes Rozas

 División simple de una roca de granito (Simple splitting of a granite rock)  | Artist: Alberto Odériz | Curator: Chus Villar

— O caso de Palmira (The case of Palmira) |  Artist: Rebeca Lar | Curator: Clara R. Cordeiro


This project is inspired by the problem of isolation, a theme addressed from different perspectives by the philosopher, Byung-Chul Han, who has sought the possible causes of alienation that give rise to the abuse and misuse of new technologies. We are interconnected on a global level, which has a friendly side in the reporting and exchange of information, and another, less benign one, which is the isolation that, as individuals, we establish with “our machines”.

Diego Vidal’s intervention aims to draw attention to the loss of contact with the reality around us and, more specifically, with the natural setting in which it is located, at the foot of the Hejduk Towers, in the heart of Galicia's Forest. Three figures, set close to each other, but isolated from one another and from the rest challenge us as a reflection. +INFO


Based on the complex deconstructive action of the architect, Peter Eisenman, at Gaiás, and on the original material he selected for constructing the City of Culture, the artist, Alberto Odériz, proposes this project by travelling the reverse path, until reaching the fundamental scale: the human one.

The aim is to allow the experience of walking through a granite rock thanks to the minimal gesture exercised on it; the splitting thereof in the quarry, and its subsequent placement on the path leading to Galicia’s Forest, striking up a dialogue with the architecture itself, with the natural setting around it, and with the city of Santiago de Compostela. +INFO


Speaking of witches is more than merely speaking of the cruel, sinister characters established in the collective imaginary. Not only are witches the villains of traditional tales: they were (and still are) seen as women persecuted by the Inquisition, healers, outcasts, femmes fatales, old women, rebels, ugly, feared, independent…

The case of Palmira is the portrayal of a specific witch. It is a staging that invites visitors to enter the magical realm of this and other witches, to question the conventional history, to subvert stereotypes, and to rebel. +INFO

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