Hejduk Towers and surroundings

Inspired by Compostela's old centre, the city designed by Peter Eisenman on top of Gaiás is organised in streets, arcades and a big central square that communicates the whole complex. This makes the City of Culture to become a city with is own life, where visitors can enjoy the events programmed at each building, can take a coffee or simply take a walk.

In these surroundings, the Hejduk Towers deserve to be mentioned. They were designed in 1992 by the architect John Hejduk (New York, 1929-2000) to be botanic towers for Compostela's park of Belvís, but finally they were never built there. After Hejduk's death, Peter Eisenman decided to recover the project of his fellow and mate in The New York Five –the group that represents better the spirit of the neo-architectural rationalism- so he proposed its construction in the City of Culture.