The Project

The City of Culture of Galicia has been designed by North American architect Peter Eisenman, after an international contest which received 12 projects. Selected because of its conceptual and plastic singularity, Eisenmann's project conceives Gaiás as a city itself.

Inspired by Compostela's old centre and the five medieval pilgrimage routes that lead to the cathedral, the architect transferred this grid to the mountain summit. Starting from this concept, the original project is formed by six buildings that are connected by streets and one central square inspired by the scallop, which is the symbol of the pilgrimage. 

Currently, four buildings have been finished:

  1. The Centre for Creative Enterprising of Galicia
  2. The Library and Archive of Galicia
  3. The Gaiás Centre Museum
  4. The Centre for Cultural Innovation

Einsenmann's original project includes two buildings more: The Centre for Music and Scenic Arts and the International Arts Centre. The works to finish these two buildings are temporarily paralysed.