Guided visits to the exhibition 'Galicia, from Nós to us'

Experience fully with our guides the great cultural event of this autumn celebrating the centenary of the magazine Nós. We invite you to take a tour divided into five sections, ranging from the time of those considered the fathers of contemporary Galicianism to our day. It will give you the chance to discover in detail a publication that is an essential reference point of contemporary Galician.

Galicia, from Nós to us gathers together over 300 pieces in what is the most complete and ambitious exhibition on the Nós Generation, with donations from more than 60 institutions and private lenders. Works from France, Germany and Portugal demonstrate the international connections of the magazine and those involved in it, highlighting the universal dimension and openness of Galician culture.

The exhibition gives visitors the chance to see works that were studied in the magazine, such as the St James of Morlaix, the Limoges enamels from Ourense Cathedral, the Christ of the church of Santa Eufemia de Ambía, the Beluso dagger and the stela of Florderrei Vello. In addition, it gathers together for the first time documents that were previously dispersed in a number of archives that illustrate the magazine’s development: the statutes and membership documents of partners in the company Nós, receipts, subscriptions, agendas, account books, bills and correspondence between those involved, which allow us to see the development of the publication. The complete collection of the magazine and the variety of interactive experiences, immersing visitors in the publication’s design, its contributors, subjects and international connections, complete this journey.


Covid-19 safety measures

  • All those attending must wear a protective face mask.
  • There will be hydroalcoholic gel at the entrance.
  • Always keep your safety distance.
  • You must follow the indications of your guide during the visit at all times.