Galicia, Ceo das Letras - 2012

“Galicia is a literary power”. With this sentence, the City of Culture started in 2011 a season devoted to the most relevant of our classic authors. The same sentence, and the same conviction, is the reason to celebrate a new edition of the cycle “Galicia, Ceo das Letras”.

The seven sessions that will be held until the end of the year at the auditorium of the Library of Galicia will be devoted to three figures of Galician literature (Celso Emilio Ferreiro, Otero Pedrayo and Castelao), to a Galician woman writer who has been a prodigy in Spanish literature (Emilia Pardo Bazán), and a group of worldwide talented authors linked to Galicia by our vicinity, by our language or by a shared imagination universe (Federico García Lorca, Jorge Amado and James Joyce).

Each one of these seven session will be devoted to one author. In every  "Author's Saturday"  there will be firstly a lecture given by an expert, and then, there will be a show -music, cinema, theatre...- related to the author. 

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