We live in complex societies, plural and constantly changing. Contemporary culture gets more mixed with every step. To understand the keys and trends of today we need a panoramic view that overcomes the old borders of knowledge, combining at once scientific and humanistic approaches.

The series NEXOS offers a dialogue between literature and other areas of knowledge, no matter it is science, arts, thought or society. During five sessions current issues or immemorial will be addressed, always with literature as a common thread to open then to a fluent conversation with other disciplines.

Heir of "Galicia, CEO das Letras" and coordinated by Marcos Lorenzo, the new cycle will combine lectures, retruques and performances, approaching stimulating reflections from a pleasant and relaxed format. To keep the habit, on Saturday mornings.

In this first edition of NEXUS we explore the philosophical world of Rayuela (the masterpiece of Julio Cortázar), the emergence of the feminist view by the hands of Clarice Lispector and Virginia Woolf, the controversial role of sports in society, the evolution and cultural horizons of peasant culture, and  the corrosive power of humor against all affectation and solemnity.

Five sessions that act at once on the intellect and the senses, arousing our curiosity and offering new perspectives on the reality we live today.

Literature & Thought
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