Beneath the Skin of the Museum | Special Guided Tours

We are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Gaiás Centre Museum by launching a new programme of unusual guided tours that will take you into the depths and hidden corners of this sophisticated building, designed to host large-scale exhibitions, cultural programmes and the most varied events, to explore areas that are normally off limits to the public.

Led by our team of guides and with special security measures for entry into some areas, those taking part in Beneath the Skin of the Museum will tour the structure holding up this 16,000 square metre, 43-metre-high building.  You will visit the amazing area under the roof, discover one-of-a-kind technical solutions, like the cargo lift that can hold 146 people or carry 11 tons (the weight of three cars), and descend into the underground gallery where the works of art arriving at the Museum enter and which connects all the buildings.

You will also discover intriguing curiosities, such as the optical illusions created by some of the architectural features, the secrets hidden inside the pillars, the spectacular glass façade in which every part is different, or the curve of the building that protects the works on display from being exposed to direct sunlight.

This tour into the bowels of this complex work by the architect Peter Eisenman and its workings will take place only for three special weeks this spring: during Easter Week (from 9 to 17 April, except for Monday 11); to coincide with the Museum Day festivities (from 18 to 22 May); and for the 10th anniversary of the Gaiás Centre Museum (from 14 to 19 June). [Click HERE to book your ticket!]

IMPORTANT: Rules for access to the tour

  • The tour Benneath the Skin of the Museum includes access to restricted areas that must be accessed with additional security measures. The necessary safety equipment will be provided by the organisers.
  • The indications of the staff in charge of the activity must be followed at all times.
  • The route has an estimated duration of 90 minutes and has stairs. It is not suitable for people with mobility difficulties, wheelchairs or pushchairs.
  • Please wear comfortable shoes and do not wear hanging objects or loose clothing.
  • The tour includes the area under the roof ot the Museum. Access to this area is not recommended for people with vertigo, fear of heights, claustrophobia, etc. In these cases, an alternative route will be offered during the visit.
  • Activity for ages 12 and over (except for access to area under the roof, which is restricted to persons over 16 years of age). Minors must always be accompanied by a responsible adult.