Through Isaac' eyes

Through Isaac's eyes is the first great exhibition on Díaz Pardo since his death in January 2012. It has been organised to commemorate the anniversary of his birth on 22 August, 1920. 



The exhibition, which has been curated by two of his sons Camilo and Xosé Díaz Arias de Castro, recalls a unique figure whose interests covered multiple disciplines in the world of art, the intellect, technology and industry, and who started up some major initiatives that played a major role in Galician culture of the 20th century

Through Isaac's eyes also aims to express the human excellence of Díaz Pardo, possibly the most recognised, admired and best-loved character in the recent history of Galicia. The exhibition approaches his remarkable universe through 263 works of art, objects, photographs, texts, murals, documents and projections, divided into ten sections. 

Central audiovisual space | Cecilia Díaz Betz and Jordi Cussó

The exhibition has a central audiovisual space forming an axis in which Cecilia Díaz and Jordi Cussó take a close look at the life and work of Isaac Díaz Pardo through fragments of interviews from the archives.

Exhibition Sections

1. The Father: Camilo Díaz Baliño
2. Compostela: Childhood and Youth
3. Art
4. Exile
5. Thought and writings
6. Art/industry
7. Recovery of memory
8. The Laboratorio de Formas: Design and Architecture
9. The Printed Word
10. The Carlos Maside Museum
22 March — 4 August 2024
Tuesday to Sunday | 10 a.m. — 8 p.m.
28 May 2024 - 26 Jan 2025
Tuesday to Sunday | 10 a.m. — 8 p.m.
July 2024 — January 2025
Tuesday to Sunday | 10 a.m. — 8 p.m.