Thinking with your hands. Basketry, ceramics and jewellery making in Galicia

At a time marked by industrial production and digital culture, handicrafts are currently re-emerging, emphasising the authenticity of hand-crafted goods compared with the impersonal output from the production line. Within this context, the creativity and technical excellence of Galician craftsmen and women is acquiring considerable prestige. Brands such as Loewe, Michelin-starred chefs, specialist publications and trade fairs in such cities as Stockholm and London are all showcasing pieces that were made here.

Pensar coas mans. Cestería, cerámica e xoería de Galicia  (Thinking with your hands. Basketry, ceramics and jewellery making in Galicia) turns the spotlight on these three specialized fields, on a journey from the Iron Age to the 21st Century. Curated by Verónica Santos, the examples provide us with a new vision of this craftwork, not just for maintaining trades in danger of disappearing for ever, but also for creating the idea of a future which recounts the beauty of these natural materials and of how these objects can express our identity.

To exhibit these pieces, Izaskun Chinchilla, an architect renowned for her commitment to sustainability, designed four gigantic domes, inspired by the thoughts of John Ruskin, one of the historic advocates of craftsmanship under the arts & crafts movement.

Activities until the end this exhibition

Until the end of june, The Museum is transformed into an enormous workshop, where you can learn ceramics, jewellery and basket-weaving skills from experts in these crafts.Also, until the end of this exposition,  there are free workshops, handcraft demonstrations, discussion groups and various activities related to these trade


7 Mar - 25 Jun 2023
Tuesday to Sunday | 10 a.m. — 8 p.m.