Visit the City of Culture

In order to guarantee the health of visitors, users and workers, and following the indications of
the health authorities in relation to Covid-19, the Cidade da Cultura de Galicia Foundation
informs you that:

  • The Centro Gaiás Museum, the Library of Galicia and Archive of Galicia will remain closed to the public for 14 days, which may be extended depending on the health situation.
  • The Information Point at the Cidade da Cultura, located in the Centro Gaiás Museum, is closed. However, any doubts, enquiries and clarifications will be attended by phoning 881 997 584 or by electronic mail to:
  • The closure means the cancellation of all group visits and in situ activities scheduled during this time at the Centro Gaiás Museum.
  • The children’s area at the Cidade da Cultura, the Theatre Garden and Literary Garden will remain closed over the same period, with the possibility that this may also be extended.
  • The natural spaces of the Forest of Galicia and Lake Park, will be open --from Sunday 26 April-- from 8.30 a.m. to 11 p.m.. The use of the children's playground will not be permitted and it will remain closed.
  • The teams at the Centro Gaiás Museum, the Library of Galicia and Archive of Galicia will continue to work internally, providing services through digital tools and promoting online content.

With a view to potential changes to services at the Cidade da Cultura, we would ask the public to consult the web pages and social media accounts of the institutions, enterprises and groups located in the Gaiás that do not depend on the Cidade da Cultura de Galicia Foundation.

For more information, the public helpline is 900 400 116.

We would remind you that these decisions seek to minimise the impact of coronavirus, and we
call for responsibility from everyone to contain its spread and thank you for your collaboration.