The Foundation Cidade da Cultura

The Foundation for the City of Culture of Galicia was established in 1999 through an initiative of the Xunta de Galicia and under the law of Foundations of Interest for Galicia, with the aim to focus on creating and managing a "multifunctional, multidisciplinary and all-encompassing space, contributing towards cultural interaction".

Situated in Santiago de Compostela and conceived as a large-scale cultural hub, devoted to the knowledge and creativity of today, the City of Culture of Galicia has been designed ever since its inception as an instrument to combine past and present, enabling an integrated approach to a strategic element for the development of Galicia: that of culture.

After ten years of intensive, rich discussions and a careful building process, the City of Culture of Galicia has been on the go since  2011 as a project that makes architecture be at the service of  culture and art. 


Board of Trustees Fundación Cidade da Cultura de Galicia

Given the nature of the Foundation's organization, the Foundation "Cidade da Cultura de Galicia" is governed by a Board of Trustees made up of the following members:

Honorary chairman 

President of Xunta de Galicia, Mr Alfonso Rueda Valenzuela

Chairman of the Board 

Galician Minister of Culture, Education and Universities, Mr Román Rodríguez González

Deputy Chair 

Galician Minister of Finance, Mr Miguel Corgos López-Prado


Galician Minister for Infrastructures and Housing, Ms Ethel María Vázquez Mourelle

Representative of Santiago de Compostela City Council

Secretary General of the Galician Department of Culture, Mr Manuel Vila López

Director General of Cultural Policy, Mr Anxo Manuel Lorenzo Suárez

Secretary General and for Heritage of the Galician Department of Finance, Mr Jorge Atán Castro 

Director General for Cultural Heritage, Ms María del Carmen Martínez Insua

Director General for the Media, Mr Jorge Pan Varea

Director General of Financial Policy, Treasure and European Funds, Mr David Cabañó Fernández

Director of AGADIC, the Galician Agency for the Cultural Industry, Mr Jacobo Sutil Nesta

Director of Galician Tourism Agency

Coordinator Sustentability Area, Afundación, Fernando Filgueiras Feal 

Manager Afundación, Pedro Antonio Otero Espinar

President Transmobus, SL., Raúl López López

Relationtips Director Gadisa Group, Miguel Freire Abeijón

General Director Sabadell Gallego, Pablo Gerardo Junceda Moreno

Territorial Director of Telefónica España: Manuel Ángel Alonso Pérez




Delegation to the Secretariat of the Padroado for the case of substitution


Institutional code of ethics

Resolution of September 8, 2014 


Contact and customer service hours

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  • Education, Mediation and Visitor Service


Strategic Plan 2012-2018

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